Transplanting to Denver from her hometown of Dallas, TX in the spring of 2002, Elana Rogers brought with her years of expertise as a professional singer/songwriter. As a teenager she taught herself drums followed by acoustic guitar and began composing songs to accommodate her already existing vocal talent. It wasn’t long before she was introducing her soulful, independently-crafted material in local clubs and pubs in Dallas. Following several years of performing, Elana decided to expand her horizons and embark on a new journey – She relocated to beautiful Colorado. She took the plunge after living in Dallas for 29 years, did not have a job lined up and only knew a small handful of people. Her favorite quote is, “Love the journey, not the destination.” This unique experience is translated into some of her music.

Many strums later, she released her distinctive Denver debut CD “One of Those Days” in May 2005. This Denver debut warranted an excellent review in the Westword by Michael Roberts. “Considering the mob of generic singer-songwriters currently operating in these parts, a performer can stand out only if she or he has something to offer beyond an excess of sensitivity. Fortunately, Rogers does.” She was since invited to perform at CHUN’s People’s Fair several years in a row, has performed on 99.5 The Mountain’s “Homegrown Hour” several times, and for her 1st ever year to attend the prestigious Durango Songwriter’s EXPO she was personally selected to showcase (quite an honor)! In addition to the Westword, she’s been featured in the Mile High News and the Colorado Music Buzz.

Her band “Elana Rogers & The Reason” (2005-2006) included the talented Dave Diflumeri, Eddie Garcia and Dave Thomas. They successfully launched themselves into the FINALS of The Toad Tavern’s “Get a Leg Up” Battle of the Bands and played at prestigious venues like the Gothic Theater, the Walnut Room, Herman’s Hideaway and the Soiled Dove.

After a fun and exciting year with “Elana Rogers & The Reason”, she returned to her songwriting roots and recorded her sophomore CD titled “Someone Like You”. It’s a mixture of both old and new material; contains a variety of styles (Rock, Motown, Jazz, Country, Alternative Folk, Southern rock), and hosts a unique blend of special guests ranging from cello, pedal steel, saxophone and guest vocals. “Someone Like You” was released in October 2008 and is now available on CD Baby. See the home page for more details.


September 2009, excerpt from Suzanne Lainson’s  press release:

““A popular member of the local music community, singer/songwriter Elana Rogers was diagnosed in June with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Two weeks later she had a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery and is undergoing chemo.

Many of her fellow musicians are coming together for this event to show their support and to raise money to defray medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Now 36, Rogers is one of a number of women at risk for breast cancer as a result of treatment for Hodgkin’s Disease, a form of lymphatic cancer she had at 19. The high levels of radiation commonly used then have resulted in breast cancer rates nearly 40 times higher than normal.

It was that earlier bout with cancer that gave her the incentive to take up music. “It completely opened my eyes and made me really want to play. I didn’t care what people thought anymore.” She started on drums, then acoustic-electric guitar, then songwriting. She played in Dallas coffee houses and pubs, then relocated to Denver in 2002. She’s put out two CDs and played a number of venues and events in the Denver metro area. Said Michael Roberts of Westword, “Considering the mob of generic singer-songwriters currently operating in these parts, a performer can stand out only if she or he has something to offer beyond an excess of sensitivity. Fortunately, Rogers does.”


July 7, 2009 Dave Herrera writes in the Westword:

Well wishes are due to Elana Rogers, who was recently diagnosed with IDC breast cancer. Fortunately, the surgery went well and Rogers now appears to be on her way to making a full recovery. And as tends to happen with even the slightest brush with mortality, Rogers has emerged with a new found appreciation for the things in life that most of us find mundane. After the jump, we’ve posted some of Rogers’ inspirational musings. Stop by her blog to read more about her journey and to send her some words of encouragement.

“During this time I am discovering that I have an appreciation for the simplest of things – take roses, for instance. They are immaculately beautiful, pristine, and unique in their own right. No two are alike. Each color brings their own scent. I appreciate these delicate differences. In my life right now, and for the 1st time in a long time I am actually stopping and smelling the flowers – literally!”


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